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Minnesota Must-See for Families, An A-Z list: Minnesota Zoo

MN Must-See for Families - MN Zoo

Local author Christie Gove-Berg was born and raised in Minnesota and is now raising her three children here as well. She believes the Minnesota is full of amazing parks, cultural destinations and fun activities for all seasons. Minnesota Must-See for Families, An A-Z list encourages kids to document their experiences in writing, so families can reflect on them for years to come.

Minnesota is known for its majestic wilderness and rich history and culture. Explore the sites, and steep your children in experiences that show why Minnesota is so unique. Create lifelong memories while discovering the best of Minnesota.

Over the next four weeks, we will be looking at destinations you might have already know about, but might want to visit or re-visit with this great book and learn some new things.

Minnesota Zoo

The Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley makes sure their animals are happy and comfortable by keeping them in habitats (living situations) that are similar to their lives in the wild. For instance, you can visit the Russia’s Grizzly Coast exhibit and see bubbling mud pots, geysers, grizzly bears, sea otters and more. On the Minnesota Trail, you can observe wildlife life lynx and wolves. The zoo takes part in worldwide conservation efforts to preserve animals such as tigers, black rhinos and wild horses.

Fun Stuff:

– Test your knowledge of frog sounds at the start of the Minnesota Trail.
– Bring a swimsuit. The outdoor splash pad is great for hot summer days.
– Go to Discovery Bay, where you can touch a stingray and see large fish and sharks.
– Learn about farming and pet baby farm animals at the Family Farm!

Things to write about:

What was your favorite animal at the zoo? Why?
What was the best part of your trip to the zoo?
Why do you think zoos are important?

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MN Must-See for Families

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